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Friday 20/05/2011 14:28

cover artwork for Poes en Pluis.

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a sketch a day keeps the doctor away
20/03/2014 Thoughts that can't be spoken

19/03/2014 Crimeanology #3

Texture research.

19/03/2014 Crimeanology #2

The same idea in two different executions.

10/03/2014 Crimeanology #1

Flammable tensions in Crimea

09/03/2014 me, myselfie & i

More selfies here.

27/02/2014 Olympic gay bashing

24/02/2014 The art of choosing

Cover drafts for the upcoming new edition of MO* magazine

31/01/2014 Olympic Winter Games in Russia

Cover drafts for The New Yorker

19/12/2013 r u connected?

15/08/2013 Kunstendag voor kinderen #4

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