18/10/2014 Headlines

Published in the unpublished files.

09/10/2014 9th nomination for the ALMA, the World's Largest Children's Literature Award

The list of nominees for the 2015 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA) was announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Klaas Verplancke is one of the 197 candidates from 61 countries. He has been nominate every year since 2007 for this World's Largest Children's Literature Award. The candidates – authors, illustrators, oral storytellers, and individuals and organisations involved in reading promotion work – have been nominated by over 100 organisations worldwide. The nominating bodies, with expertise in children’s and young adult literature, are allowed to nominate candidates from their own country or region and from other countries as well.

“The list of nominees is a wonderful directory of active authors, storytellers, illustrators and reading promoters of various kinds. I hope the list will be distributed and discussed in every conceivable context with a connection to children’s and young adult literature and storytelling.”

11/09/2014 George Simenon

Editorial portrait illustration for Standaard der Letteren. Also featured on Coverjunkie.

05/09/2014 Learning

Cover illustration and design for the new thematic Learning issue of MO* magazine.

23/06/2014 Sevenfold winner in the 3x3 International ProShow

Great news: 5 Honorable Mentions and 2 Merits for the 3x3 Pro Show 2014!!!
7 illustrations selected including this series of unpublished, self-promotional covers.

11/06/2014 Conflict issue

Cover illustration and design for the new thematic Conflict issue of MO* magazine.

22/05/2014 Judge for the 3x3 Pro Show

Klaas Verplancke is invited to be on the judging panel for the prestigious 3x3 Pro Show 2014, along with Marieke Griffioen (Design Director, Edenspiekermann, Amsterdam), Paul Gonzales (Deputy Design Director, Los Angeles Times), Tim J. Luddy (former Design Director, Mother Jones currently art director at Brink magazine) and illustrator Mark Smith (UK). Truly international and one of the very best shows in the world. Meet the judges here.

What Klaas will be looking for: 'We embrace our taste, our preferences, our ambitions, our heroes who achieve to starring level that we strive for every day. But illustration is also the art of translating ideas, meanings, opinions and thoughts into a unique visual identity. And seeing is, besides feeling, also a process of recognizing and understanding. Therefore, professional judging needs a mental approach as well, by consciously stepping outside your spontaneous self and questioning your own choices and methods.' (...)

Klaas was previously jury member for the Bologna Ragazzi Award, the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award, the Max Velthuijs Award and a bronze medal winner at the 10th 3x3 Picture Book Show.

17/04/2014 American Illustration 33 CHOSEN Winner!

Splendid news! One of my submissions (this portrait illustration originally published in the graphic novel Tirol Inferno) for American Illustration 33 has been CHOSEN to appear online as part of The AI-AP ARCHIVE, the juried website collection. It is one of only 160 images [122 professional, 38 student] from 9,720 submitted to receive at least 2 votes. Thanks to the jurors Steve Byram, Chris Dixon, Marti Golon, Amy Hausmann, Peter Morance, Len Small, and Alex Spiro.

04/04/2014 Ken je Janneke Maan?

Ken je Janneke Maan?
Die is soms stuk,
half kapot.
Maar elke keer,
geloof het of niet,
groeit Janneke Maan
vanzelf weer aan.

© Geert De Kockere






Bijdrage voor 'Samen over een muurtje', een nieuwe poëziebundel met 101 nieuwe, ongepubliceerde gedichten van Geert De Kockere, n.a.v. zijn 25-jarig schrijversjubileum. 25 illustratoren met wie Geert in de loop van zijn carrière samenwerkte, maakten elk een paginagrote illustratie voor de bundel. Een hebbeding voor elke poëzieliefhebber.

26/03/2014 Seven Questions Over Breakfast in Bologna.

An extensive interview with Julie Danielson (a.k.a. Jules), with an exclusive preview on forthcoming projects. 'Exhilarating, clever, and true….Klaas is awesome! Miljaardenondedjubegot!!' 'Wow. This knocked my socks off!' 'I think this is my favorite 7-Imp interview ever.' 'Inspiration explosion! love love love it!'

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a sketch a day keeps the doctor away

Art-direction for an upcoming animation project.

22/09/2014 domestic violence in football culture

Rejected cartoon style illustration for The New Yorker. Submission on the news topic of football players hitting their wives and girlfriends. 

08/09/2014 Studiousness

Rejected cover proposal for MO magazine

29/08/2014 Eyes bucket challenge

Published in the unpublished files.

28/08/2014 Ice age challenge

27/08/2014 ice cream challenge

Published in the unpublished files.

25/08/2014 Ice land challenge

Published in the unpublished files.

25/08/2014 Ice bear challenge

Published in the unpublished files.

23/08/2014 The weeping wounds of war

Published in the unpublished files.

29/07/2014 Facing war

 Published in the unpublished files.

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